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Evening Bags, Clutches for Proms, Weddings and Other Special Events

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Evening Bags and Clutch Purses

Find the perfect prom evening bag or elegant clutch for your holiday parties and formal events. New arrivals include bags and clutches with lots of bling. Chunky rhinestones and pearls make a fashion statement in these beautiful clutch bags. They are great for weddings and special occasions.

Evening bags have long been the epitome of elegance for discerning women. Historically, the smaller the bag, the more prestige it gave the wearer. Today women are more discerning about what they carry and larger sizes are more popular.

You probably want to include your cell phone, keys, money and credit card, a pill case, mirror, lip gloss or lip stick, possibly ear plugs, eye drops, tooth brush and tooth pick and a clip or comb to secure your hair. Although carrying your cell phone in your evening bag might be risky, most women prefer to do this. Bra and garter holders have been proven to cause cancer. Keys, money and/or a credit card are usually essential. Less obvious are items may still be a good idea. Optional items might be included based on your needs and life style.


The clutch bag is the most popular. A larger version might be a small clutch purse that can double for day wear. A little bling or a special fabric or color may make the same bag suitable for both.

Other popular styles include handle, drawstring and wrist. A clutch bag usually will have a retractable shoulder cord or chain but many women prefer a small handle. Handles may be made from the same material or from chain, beads or a cord. Drawstring styles add a romantic vintage look and are popular for proms. Wrist types have a round handle that fits over the wrist as a bracelet. The bag may be smaller but adequate for your needs.


For proms fabric is a popular choice and is often chosen to match the dress. These may be less expensive but add a lovely touch. Satin, sparkle satin and peau de soie are at the top of the the list. Crystal, beaded, sequined, bags are more durable and are usually chosen to coordinate with several outfits. A well chosen crystal bag looks equally well with a theater suit as it does with an evening gown. The more durable finish resists stains from inadvertent spills. A crystal bag with a silver or gold frame is an elegant timeless accessory. A reputable seller will be able to fix it for you should you lose any stones.

Beaded bags are usually made with small glass beads which give a rich finish. They resist most stains and can easily be wiped clean. Metal and leather bags offer s stylish look but, over time, may show wear from nicks and scratches. A good choice for metal is mesh which wears especially well. Leather gives a rich tailored look.


A clasp, kissing lock, or magnetic snap closure is the most convenient. It allows opening and closing the bag with a minimum of effort. Zippers, drawstrings, and buckle flaps may be distracting and a nuisance when engaged socially. The frame provides stability and ensures you bag will keep its shape. Many fabric bags have a cardboard or plastic frame which would not be expected to last well. Bags with metal frames should last a lifetime when exercising a little care. Their rigidity makes them easier open and close. The body of the bags may be fabric or metal depending on the style. Metal is stronger but may be subject to dents if it is dropped.

Cleanng and Repairs

Spots and stains may be removed with a mild detergent or a solution of Oxy Clean. Beads, sequins and crystals all can be replaced, usually with a little glue. Fabric bags that have scuffs and scratches are not reparable as are scratched metal bags.


A small evening bag is appropriate to keep in your lap during dinner and on the table while having drinks. This feature allows the owner to keep an eye on it. A large day bag would need to be stored under the table out of sight which might allow access from someone nearby. In a night club situation, it is not uncommon for a thief to discreetly reach into a bag under an adjoining table and remove the wallet, cash or credit cards. By having a bag that is easy to keep your eye on and to wear, you can avoid a bad situation. You easily dance with a cross body chain attached to your small purse.

This the perfect accessory for both its usefulness and as a sparkling accent to your ensemble. It also makes a very special and thoughtful gift.

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