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Jackets for evening

Crocheted Bolero Shrug
Crocheted Bolero Shrug
Crocheted Bolero Shrug
Crocheted Bolero Shrug
Crocheted Bolero Shrug
Couched Bolero Jacket
Couched Bolero Jacket
Couched Bolero Jacket
Couched Bolero Jacket
Couched Bolero Jacket
  Evening jackets are a wonderful way to add a little warmth to a dress or evening ensemble. We have both long sleeve styles and boleros. Some are decoated with beads and sequins. Colors include white, black, red, gold and neutrals.

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Crystal Rhinestone and Wide Belts. We offer a wide range of crystal rhinestone belts for dresses, jeans and slacks, evening and day wear. We also have wide styles. Wide belts look fabulous with an evening dress. Our belts come in many beautiful colors. They are fashioned in both silver and gold. Metal mesh belts are slim and flexible. Rhinestone belts come in widths from 1 line to 12 lines, with the wider belts working best for dresses.

Sexy Costumes, Cute and Glamorous Styles Including Storybook Characters and Pirates.Costumes are fun for Halloween and Mardi Gras. Our short styles include Alpine Girl, Angel Dress, Black Fairy, Sexy Cop, Can Can or Bar Girl, Tinkerbell, Sexy Pirate and Snow White. Our long costumes include Arabian Dancer, Indian Dress, Elvira or Sorceress and Renaissance Wench. We have many accessories such as fairy wings and wands, fans, stockings, lace, fishnet, opaque colored, thigh high, and panty hose.

Evening Bags and Purses, Great Styles, Many Colors.We have a dazzling selection to choose from. We have clutch, handle, drawstring and wrist styles and purse accessories such pill cases, compacts, purse hangers and mirrors.Our cabrics include satin, sparkle satin, beaded, sequined, crystal, metal, leather and faux leather. These accessories are perfect or a wedding, prom, dance or special occasion. Sizes range from small to large. We offer just about every color and our prices are reasonable.

Women's Hats for Fun and Glamour.
We carry women's fashions hats for all seasons and in a wide range of styles. Choose a beautiful sun hat with a broad brim to protect your face and enhance your looks. Many of these hats are decorated with flowers, feathers and ribbons. We also have an assortment of women's fashion hats for an afternoon party and cute caps for winter and summer wear. We carry fedoras, bucket, beret, western, visor and cocktail hats.

Fashion Hair Accessories and Jewelry with Beads, Rhinestones, Ribbons and Flowers. Our hair accessories include barrettes trimmed withcrystal rhinestoe, enamel and flowers, bobby pins decorated with enamel andcrystal rhinestones, chiffon bow barrettes, clamps either plain or withcrystal rhinestones, hair claws in plastic and metal decorated with crystalrhinestone and silk flowers, decorated hair pins, headbans with rhinestones,ponytail bobs with crystal rhinestone decorations, scrunchies,snoods for the head or buns, some with rhinestones, and tiny spiral jewels.w combs, clips with jewels, flowers or bows, barrettes, Find your favorite color and style.

Formal and Party Dresses.Formal, cocktail and party dresses and seperates are among the fashions we carry. Our Many of our formal dresses are made of silk, beaded with elaborate designs, completely lined and have built-in bras for bare support. Weather you like a strappy look or a more covered up style, you will find something special to suit your taste. Our fashion clothes also include pants, tops and shirts in evening fabrics.

Gloves in Satin and Lace for Ladies and Children. Our selection of gloves is extensive and the prices are very competitive. We have opera, elbow, cocktail and wrist lengths in stretch satin.They come in both fingerless and regular styles. We also offer lace glove in many lengths and colors. Our wedding gloves include satin with embroidery and lace decorations and beading in all lengths. We also have a wide selection of gloves for children. They come in several length and colors.

Costume Jewelry in Many Styles Fashion jewelry is always a favorite. We have a wide assortment of earrings, necklaces and necklace sets, watches and pins. Our earrings include beaded, chandelier, clip, cluster, drop, heart, hoop,and tiered. Sizes come in very small, small, medium, large and extra large and extra long. Our pins or broches are perfect dress up a dress or coat. We have several including holiday styles. Most of our bracelets are wide and dramatically decorated. Our watches have a stylish look.

Romantic and Sexy Lingerie.
Lingerie including Baby Dolls, Corsets, Bustiers, Gowns, Bras, Panties, Hosery and Garters. We have romantic and sexy lingerie in a rainbow of colors. Fabrics include satin, lace, lycro and metallic.

Shoes for Special Occassions.
Our shoes are perfect for evening. The are strappy and come in a wide range of beautiful colors. We carry very high heels, medium heels and low heels to suit your taste. We specialize in dressy evening shoes in a variety of colors and styles. Most are strappy high heel sandals but we also have lower heels and flats. The right shoe can make you outfit pop so we try to carry a good variety of ladies shoes.