My Selections and Shopping Bag

This shopping bag is designed to help you shop on line as you would in a store. Use the select button to enter an item in your shopping bag. Then click on the + button if you need to increase the quantity. Use the - button to decrement to 0 for "a possibility" or click again to remove it from your shopping bag. Items with a quantity of 0 are kept on your list but are not included in the total.

If you try to order more of an item than is available, you will get a little message above the order form, and the quantity will not increase.

Priority Mail is just one set fee, no matter how many items you purchase.

The charges displayed on your shopping bag are calculated based on the information supplied but they make be modified when you checkout if there is a discrepancy. For example, if you do not indicate California residence on your shopping bag, no state sales tax will be added. When you check out, however, if you order address is in California, the tax will be calculated and added at that time.