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Flower hair clip

Flower hair clip - Coral

Flower hair clip. Pretty hair clip with a full flower.

Item H375CO Price $3.95

Measurements: width 3-3/4", length 3-3/4" Color: coral, Hue: Salmon

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Hair accessories are a beautiful way to add interest and allure to your look. We offer a wide selection of beautiful accessories including barrettes, clamps, claws, clips, combs, pins, headbands, ponytail holders, scrunchies, snoods, sticks and tiaras. Hair stick and pins and ponytail holders and bobs are great accessories for long hair. Barettes, combs, clamps and clips work great on any length.

Barrettes have long been a favorite hair accessory. We have a great selection in every size from tiny decorative snap barrettes to large impressive ponytail bolder styles.

Chiffon Barrettes
Chiffon barrettes are metal barrettes with a large chiffon bow sewn on. We have black, white, pastels and primary colors.

Chiffon Claws
Chiffon claws are made with a plastic claw with a large chiffon bow glued on. the come in black, white, pastels and primary colors.

Clamps are large curved clips that may be plain or richly decorates with crystal rhinestones, beads, pearls and enamel. The are a fabulous accessory for your hair.

Hair Claws
Claws are practical, stylish and very attractive. They can easily be inserted by pulling the had back, twisting it and securing with the claw. We have a wide selection with rhinestone decorations.

Hair Clip
Clips allow you to secure a few wisps of hair in a very pretty way. We have decorative hair clips in several sizes. They are fashioned with rhinestones, beads and enamel.

Combs have long been one of the most elegant way to pull the hair back. We have a wide selection from simple rhinestone styles to those elebaratly decorated.

Hair Pins
Pins make a lovely finish to a bun or french roll. You can use one, two or several. We have a wide selection with rhinestone designs on the end.

Headband are the quickest way to fashion your hair. We have a great selection with rhinestones, pearls, beads in silver and gold metal as well as plastic.

Our ponytail holders and bobs may be a metal ornament with crystal rhinestones or a hinged metal rhinestone that goes around the ponytail and are fashioned in a pave design. Ponytail accessories are always a favorite because they give you a sleek finished look in a jiffy.

Scrunchies are available in a wide range of colors. Beaded scrunchies are fashioned with large colored transparent beads in one or more colors and knitted onto a colored elastic strap. Chiffon scrunchies with beads and sequins as trim are also available and make a beautiful evening look.

Snoods remain an interesting and attractive hair accessories. We have bun snoods and those that cover half the hair. They are available in many colors.

Hair Sticks
Sticks are popular to decorate a bun or french roll. You can use one, two or several. We have an assortment with rhinestone and other trim.

Tiaras and Crowns
These are the most sought after hair accessories. They give you evening ensemble an elegant and finished look. We have them in silver and gold metal with clear stones and some with colored stones.

Belts are a fabulous accessory. You will love our wide selection of reasonably priced crystal and rhinestone belts.

Costumes are perfect for Halloween and Mardi Gras. Select from wide range of cute and sexy or glamorous costumes. Don't miss an opportunity to indulge your fantasies.

For that special dinner dance or cruise, we provide a great selection of beaded evening gowns. Most are silk, fully line and have built in bras.
Gloves are available in over 30 colors and they come in stretch satin, lace, sheer, beaded and fingerless. They are the a truly elegant accessory and very popular.

Hair Accessories
We have barettes, combs, claws, hair pins, head bands, ponytail holders, clips sticks, scrunchies, clamps, tiaras and snoods. They are fashioned in gold and silver and have clear or colored rhinestones.

Fashion Jewelry
A rhinestone pin, watch, necklace, earrings or bracelet can add the ultimate fashion look to your outfit. We have several in each category.

Romantic Lingerie
Select from baby dolls, bra and panty sets, bras, corsets, garter belt sets and hosiery. Our lingerie is hand picked to complete you evening attire.

Evening Bags
You can find every type of evening bag from small fabric to exquisite crystal rhinestone purse. We have lots of beaded bags with fringed beading and solid beaded clutches. We carry about a dozen different styles in every color.

Shawls, Scarves, Ponchos, Capeletts and Wraps
We have many scarves and shawls in silk or silk with beading. We also carry polyester, lace and velvet. Caeletts come in velvet with marabou feather trim.

Evening and Dance Shoes
Our evening shoes are strappy and colorful and come in several heights.

If you can't find what you want, ask us. We are here to help.

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